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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Welcome to You Gotta Walk It By Yourself.  This is a blog that details out my journey with my husband Calvin and his diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  Some of my posts will be about the early days while some of them will be about what is happening right now.  This blog is for my grandchildren, so hopefully they will get to know their Papaw and it is for you, the person who is scared, lonely and confused about C.T.E. and how it is impacting them and their loved one.  There are people all around that can help but the honest truth is that we have to walk this lonesome valley by ourselves.  

The title comes from an old Appalachian folk song  We sing it at my parish sometimes.  The song began to sneak into my heart as I lay in bed trying to sleep.  Some days I will be positive and full of hope and encouragement.  There will also be days that I will write about how hard all of this is and some of my audience will go "Geez, what a whiner!"  Well, that's just how it is, friends.