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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's Show Time, Folks!

Calvin is home. It's showtime!  Time for me to step up as a caregiver!  So, why do I feel so hesitant?  I received wonderful instruction today from a day-long seminar with Teepa Snow, who has been working with people with dementia for over 36 years.  Her seminar provided so much insight that I can officially say that my mind was blown and Teepa's instruction has helped me to see Calvin in a different light.

So now I am the one responsible for Calvin's care.  That is an incredible responsibility.  Perhaps calling it "showtime" seems frivolous.  Please know, gentle reader, that I use humor to try and cope with difficult situations and challenges.  I have been doing that since I was a child.  There are times where people misunderstand and thing that I am trivializing the situation.  Always know that I take this responsibility, this sacred trust, very seriously.  I spoke vows before the altar of God twice, promising to care for Calvin in sickness and in health.  As a devout Catholic, that is some serious stuff to me.

But, I can do the job with a smile and some laughter in my voice.  And for Suzy, who was my partner at the seminar today, I can do with with my right amygdala by my side.  *grin*