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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Removing Rocks

I've had a couple people say that I am not walking this valley alone, that I have many people supporting me.  I do, but please let me explain gentle friends.

Every decision I make, I live with.  I sleep with it, I awake with it.  In the dark of the night, I weep bitterly with Kruger and my kitties as company.  I attempt to keep the house.  I haul the heavy trash cans out by myself..  I figure out how to pay the bills by myself.

So, walking this valley is like walking with a massive sack of rocks on my back.  Each rock is a pain or a challenge.  It is so heavy. The valley is lined with my family and friends.  Each of you reach into the sack of rocks, take one out, and throw it away.  My sack is lighter.  I can lift up my head.  I can walk with more of a spring in my step.

And so many of you, more than I can even count, reach into my sack and remove the rocks of fear, anxiety, loneliness, despair by your prayers, your phone calls, your notes on Facebook, the food gifts, the financial help, the practical around-the-house help, the laughter and the hugs.  Each day, I stand straighter.  I walk the valley with more confidence.  I make the plans with more determination.  I face each day with more hope.

You, my dearest family and friends, make this all bearable.  You are all my heart.  You really are.  "Thank you" does not seem to be enough to say.  Please know that I treasure all of you and all the hope you give me.