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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I gotta do WHAT?

This morning, I rummaged around for a clean glass to drink my juice out of.  I realized that I have a small pyramid of dishes in the sink.  I opened the refrigerator to get my juice and a bizarre miasma wafted out.  I realized that tonight is trash night.  I have to do the dishes, clean the cat boxes and clean the refrigerator TONIGHT!

Now, gentle readers, you are probably thinking, "well, big deal."  Am I right?  It is a big deal.  I have had a househusband for almost 27 years.  I have always been very grateful for what he does but now he is not there to do it.  It falls to me and it's an impressive amount of work! 

Amazingly enough, at age 56 going on 57, I have never lived by myself.  In my adult life, I have lived with roommates, lived in a single room in a dorm (that does not count as living by myself), lived with my first husband, lived with my son, lived with Calvin and my family but never by myself.  I talk to Kruger and the cats a lot.  I will just have to get to used to it, I suppose.

Time to grow up, I guess.