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Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Lady of Sorrows, Please Pray For Me

Our Lady of Sorrows, please pray for me.  I thought making the decision to put my husband in a dementia psychiatric unit would be hard.  But this, this, oh my God!

The door slammed and locked as we entered the unit.  The first sound I heard was an old woman wailing: "I'm alone!  I don't want to be alone! Why did they leave me here!"  My heart wrenched.

A man sitting in a recliner fighting a lone overworked nurse struggling to get an I.V. into him, while bored nurses aides look on, completely immune to the nurse's distress and pleas for assistance.

My husband is finally led into a room and told to change into scrubs.  He does so.  He looks into my eyes with a cocktail of terror and fury running across his face.  "Are you really going to leave me here?" "Yes." I answer softly.

Oh my God, what have I done?  

Our Lady of Sorrows, please pray for me!